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Friday, 15 June 2018

AUTHENTIC LEBANESE TABBOULEH (Authentique taboulé libanais)

(Authentique taboulé libanais)

This is what I call an OMG recipe! So healthy, so easy and so yummy. I can nearly eat some every single day and I have to often bring one batch or two to my friends' buffet parties! This Levantine tabbouleh should definitely be at your table during summer time as it is so refreshing. Vegan and raw (the bulgur has to be raw and cooked by the lemon juice only), this recipe will satisfy absolutely everyone... Nota : you should only use FLAT parsley, it will not work at all with the curly one...;)

Wine pairing : Collioures (Rose) from Languedoc-Roussillon.

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge
Flat parsley
Mint leaves
Spring onions

In your cupboard 
Olive oil

Serves 4

150g 5,2 oz of flat parsley
250g 8,81 oz of tomatoes finely chopped
30g 1,05 oz of fresh mint leaves
40g 1,41 oz of bulgur
2 spring onions
10cl 3,40 oz of finest olive oil
The juice of 2 little lemons

In a lovely bowl, put the bulgur with the lemon juice. Set aside. The bulgur will cook with the lemon.
Meanwhile, finely chisel the parsley with the spring onions and the mint.
Put all the ingredients in the bulgur bowl. Add the olive oil.
Toss well and enjoy!

Authentique taboulé libanais

Pour 4 personnes
150g de persil plat
250g de tomates coupées en morceaux
30g de menthe fraiche
40g de boulghour
2 petits oignons nouveaux
10cl d’huile d’olive de très bonne qualité
Le jus de 2 petits citrons

Dans un joli récipient, déposez le boulghour avec le jus de citron. Réservez. Le boulghour va cuire dans le citron.
Pendant ce temps, ciselez finement le persil avec la menthe et les oignons.
Ajoutez tous ces ingrédients avec les tomates dans le récipient.
Assaisonnez d’huile d’olive et remuez bien.
Dégustez ! 

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