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Monday, 29 January 2018



The 2nd of February we will celebrate the "chandeleur" (pancake day) which marks the end of Christmas day 40 days afterwards. We make crepes (or pancakes) for everyone in the family! For this year, I come with an interesting royal and emblematic recipe! A shredded pancake recipe to be exact from Austria called Kaiserschmarrn (the emperor mess!). The emperor we are referring to is the Kaiser Franz Joseph I from Austria and the pancake was created for him by the Imperial chef. The wife's emperor did not like it as she was watching her waistline, her name was Sissi...
This dish is exquisite and terribly easy to make. My daughter when we are in Austria ate this dessert to several restaurants to compare which Kaiserschmarrn is the best!
You may eat it with plum jam or apple compote. Ready to prepare this royal pancake ?

Wine pairing : Gruner Veltliner (White) from the Burgenland.

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge
Ghee (or butter)

In your cupboard 
Caster sugar
Icing sugar
Apple compote or plum jam

Serves 3

25cl 8,7 oz of milk 
50g 1,7 oz of ghee (or melted butter) + 30g 1,05 oz for the crepe
200g 7,05 oz of flour 
4 eggs 
30g 1,05 oz of caster sugar + 30g 1,05 oz for the crepe
1 pinch of salt
Icing sugar 
Apple compote or plum jam

Separate the eggs.
Beat the eggs whites with a pinch of salt until firm.
In a bowl, mix the eggs yolks with the sugar.
Add the milk and flour. Combine well.
Now fold in carefully the egg whites preparation.
Heat the ghee (or butter) in a pan and pour in evenly the mixture.
Cover the pan and let the “crepe” cook for 5 minutes over medium heat
Flip over the crepe and break it into pieces with 2 forks.
Add the sugar and the ghee to slightly caramelized it for a few minutes.
Turn them again a few times until golden brown.

Kaiserschmarrn facile du Tyrol

Pour 3 personnes
25cl de lait
50g de ghee (ou beurre fondu) + 30g pour la crêpe
200g de farine
4 œufs
30g de sucre en poudre + 30g pour la crêpe
1 pincée de sel
Compote de pomme ou confiture de prunes
Sucre glace

Séparez les blancs des jaunes.
Battez les blancs avec la pincée de sel jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient bien fermes.
Dans un bol, mixez les jaunes avec le sucre.
Ajoutez le lait et la farine et mélangez bien.
Déposez-y les blancs d’œufs et amalgamez-le tout précautionneusement.
Faites chauffer le ghee (ou beurre) dans la poêle et y déposer la préparation.
Couvrir la poêle et laissez la crêpe prendre pendant 5 minutes sur feux moyen.
Retournez la crêpe quelques minutes et la découper en morceaux à l’aide de 2 fourchettes.
A ce stade, ajoutez le ghee et le sucre afin de caraméliser légèrement la crêpe.
Retournez les morceaux plusieurs fois jusqu’à ce qu’ils prennent une jolie couleur dorée.
Saupoudrez de sucre glace et servir avec la compote de pommes ou la confiture de prunes.
Régalez-vous !

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