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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

PRAWN BUTTER (Beurre de crevettes)

(Beurre de crevettes)

If you need a starter or an light aperitif in no time especially when you do not wish to cook at all, understandable when you are in full christmas mood shopping, this supersonic recipe is for you! It is sooooooo easy, there is slightly any preparation at all, just a blending of 2 ingredients and ta-daaaah! 
With a crusty or toasted bread, this little gem will pleased absolutely anyone!

Wine pairing : Gers (White) from the South West.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Salted butter
Prawns (cooked grey or pink)

In your cupboard
Ground black pepper

For a little bowl

100g 3,5 oz of soft salted butter
200g 7,05 oz of peeled cooked prawns (grey or pink)
Freshly ground black pepper

Mix roughly the prawns with a food processor.
In a lovely bowl, mix evenly the butter with the prawn to have a lovely, smooth "buttery" texture.
Season with the black pepper.
Place the prawn butter in the fridge for 1 hour.
Enjoy !

Beurre de crevettes

Pour un petit bol
100g de beurre salé mou
200g de crevettes décortiquées cuites (grises ou roses)
Poivre noir

Mixez grossièrement les crevettes à l’aide d’un robot culinaire.
Dans un bol, travaillez le beurre avec les crevettes et le poivre afin d’obtenir une texture « pommade ».
Placez ce beurre de crevettes au frais pendant 1 h.
Dégustez avec du pain frais ou toasté.

Inspired by "Paysan Breton"

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