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Thursday, 21 December 2017

SAUTERNES BONBONS (Bonbons de Sauternes)

(Bonbons de Sauternes)

Sauternes is a sweet wine mainly from Bordeaux and mostly made from the Semillon grapes variety. I love to enjoy Sauternes with a very good foie gras (Remember I am from the Lot which is the foie gras AREA...). I made those bonbons for a Christmas aperitif and everyone adored, they disappeared very mysteriously after 10 minutes only... ;) I served them as well with a lovely winter fruit salad and it added a little something which was very nice indeed... As usual, I use agar-agar as I am not very keen on gelatin (it's beef collagen so...). If  you are not familiar with, Agar-Agar is a gelatinous substance obtained from seaweed : it is a vegetarian-vegan substitute for gelatin. Without any doubt, these sweeties would be a hit at your Christmas party...

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Apple juice

In your cupboard

Around 23 bonbons

2g 0,07 oz of Agar-Agar
15cl 5 oz of Sauternes wine
60ml 2 oz of apple juice
A little bit of water

Mix the Agar-Agar with a little bit of warm water. Set aside.
In a little pan, gently warm the Sauternes with the apple juice.
Do not boil it. Stop the heat.
Add the agar-agar mixture and leave it to cool down.
Pour into moulds (spherical shapes for me) and refrigerate.
After it has set (count around 2 hours), take the bonbons out of the moulds.
Enjoy !

Bonbons de Sauternes

Pour 23 bonbons environ
2g d’agar-agar
15cl de sauternes
60ml de jus de pomme
Un peu d’eau tiède

Mélangez l’agar-agar avec l’eau tiède. Réservez.
Dans une casserole, réchauffez doucement le Sauternes avec le jus de pomme.
Stoppez le feu. Ajoutez l’agar-agar. Laissez refroidir.
Déposez la préparation refroidie dans des moules (petites sphères pour moi) et réfrigérez.
Après 2 heures, vous pouvez démouler les bonbons.
Enjoy !

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