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Thursday, 9 November 2017

HOW TO DRINK YOUR SAKE ? (Dégustation du Saké)

Dégustation du Saké

Also called Nihonsu (Japanese wine) the earliest writing mentioning sake were discovered in Chinese history book dating back to the 3rd century!

In the 10th century, the sake was mainly produced at the Imperial Court and was intended to be drunk by the Emperor during religious ceremonies. 
The methods of Sake are more or less the same as in the 18th century : polished rice (leaving only the heart of the grain, rich in starch), local water and ash wood.

When I receive friends over for supper, I like to offer Sake. I have a Tokkuri bottle and I served it warm. My friends are generally very pleased by the distinctive taste and the warm alcohol always brings a smile on their faces!!! For some, it is a discovery they are very happy to taste…
Enjoy with moderation, always...


You may serve your Sake at room temperature but not cold!

To serve it warm (35-55 degrees): pour the Sake in a Tokkuri bottle and place it  in a pan of boiling water.

If you do not possess a Tokkuri bottle, place a microwave glass proof in the microwave oven for 40 seconds. 

You may buy a Tokkuri at Japan Center or any finest Asian food shops.

Dégustation du Saké

Vous pouvez servir votre Saké à température ambiante mais jamais froid!

Pour le servir tiède (35-55 degrés), remplissez une bouteille Tokkuri et placez-la dans une casserole remplie d’eau bouillante.

Si vous ne possédez pas de Tokkuri, réchauffez votre verre au four micro-ondes pendant 40 secondes.

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