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Friday, 17 November 2017



Are you ready to go back to the Isola di Capri for a new pasta adventure? Please find the second dish you will see almost everywhere in good restaurants : the Aumm-aumm. Ironically, it means hidden in Napoli. Made with Provolone cheese from Campanie (an aged hard cheese), it has a distinctive flavor sweetened by the aubergines. As usual when you fry them, always put the aubergines to sweat for 30 minutes before. Believe me, it won't be oily in the pan and it won't stick to the pasta, a gem in cooking! The best I have tasted was at the ristorante Villa Brunella in front of the magnificent Marina Piccoli adorned by a beautiful sunset, a night to remember... 

Wine pairing : Alcamo Bianco (White) from Sicily.

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge
Provolone cheese
Basil leaves

In your cupboard
Gigli pasta (or others)
Olive oil

Serves 4

400g 14,10 oz of Gigli pasta (or any others)

500g 17,63 oz of aubergine diced

5-6 tomatoes cut in half

200g 7,05 oz of provolone cheese cut in chunks

1 garlic clove

Olive oil

A few leaves of basil

Salt the aubergine and let them sweat for 30 minutes on a paper towel.
In a large pan, fry the garlic and the tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes.
Add the aubergine in the pan and cook for a further 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, boil water for the pasta and cook those 7 minutes.
Once the pasta cooked, put them in the pan with the provolone cheese.
Combine well and serve with basil and olive oil.

Gigli Aumm Aumm

Pour 4 personnes
400g de pates Gigli (ou autres)
500g d’aubergine coupée en petits morceaux
5-6 tomates coupées en deux
200g de Provolone coupé en petits morceaux
1 gousse d’ail émincée
Huile d’olives
Quelques feuilles de basilic

Salez les aubergines et faites-les dégorger 30 min sur du papier absorbant.
Dans une grande poêle, faites revenir l’ail avec les tomates pendant 5 minutes.
Ajoutez les aubergines dans la poêle et poursuivez la cuisson 10 minutes.
Pendant ce temps, cuire les pates 7 minutes dans l’eau bouillante.
Une fois les pates cuites, déposez-les dans la poêle avec les morceaux de Provolone.
Bien mélangez le tout et servez avec le basilic et l’huile d’olive.

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