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Friday, 6 October 2017

GREENGAGE AND ALMOND PIE (Tarte Reine-Claude et amandes)

(Tarte Reine-Claude et amandes)

The greengages' season is nearly finished now, so we'll have to make the most of it...Cooked, greengages are marvelous : juicy and sweet, they literally melt in you mouth... I needed a base and almond was the best (as always with cooked fruits I think), easy and tasty. If you cannot find greengages, go for any plums : red, black or yellow.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Puff pastry
Egg yolks

In your cupboard
Ground almonds

Serves 6

600g 20 oz of greengages (pitted and cut in half)
1 puff pastry
70g 2,5 oz of brown caster sugar
120g 4 oz of soft salted butter
100g 3,5 oz of ground almonds 
2 egg yolks

Pre-heat your oven to 200°.
Butter and line a round tin pie with baking paper.
Unfold and place the puff pastry into the tin.
Prick the bottom of the pastry thoroughly with a fork.
In a bowl, mix together the yolks, ground almonds, soft butter and sugar.
Spoon the almond mixture on the puff pastry and spread it.
Place the greengages over.
Bake for 30-35 minutes.

Tarte Reine-Claude et amandes

Pour 6 personnes

600g de Reines-Claudes coupées en deux

1 pâte feuilletée

70g de sucre roux en poudre

120g de beurre salé mou

100g d’amandes en poudre

2 jaunes d’œuf

Préchauffez votre four à 200°.

Chemisez un moule à tarte de papier sulfurisé.
Déroulez la pâte feuilletée dans le moule et piquez-la à l’aide d’une fourchette.
Dans un bol, mélangez les jaunes avec les amandes, le beurre mou et le sucre.
Etalez bien cette préparation sur la pâte.
Disposez par-dessus les Reines-Claudes.
Enfournez pour 30-35 minutes.

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