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Sunday, 11 June 2017

WHITE SANGRIA WITH QUINCE (Sangria blanche au coing)

(Sangria blanche au coing)

June is normally a month for gathering people in the garden enjoying the beauty of blossoming flowers everywhere and savoring the sun... Not quite for this June actually where the cold weather and rain were part of our blossoming bad mood ;) So even if it's not really the weather we were all expected, please find my delicious quince white sangria. I did it with a quince cordial I bought in the South of France and it is absolutely exquisite! A toast to the sun!
Drink with moderation always...

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge
Basil leaves
White wine
Sparkling lemonade

In your cupboard  
Quince cordial (or quince paste)

Serves 6

3 peach sliced
4 apricots sliced
1 large lemon sliced
2 bottles of white wine (Tariquet for me)
100ml 3,51 oz of quince cordial
20cl 6,75 oz of sparkling lemonade
A few leaves of fresh basil

In a very large bowl, mix the wine with the cordial, the basil, apricots, lemon and peaches.
Set aside in the fridge for a few hours.
Add the lemonade just before serving and transfer the sangria in a lovely jug.
If you do not have quince cordial, heat in a little pan 150-200g of quince paste with a bit of water to liquefy it.
When it has cooled down, transfer 100ml in the large bowl.

Sangria blanche au coing

Pour 6 personnes
3 pêches coupées en tranches
4 petits abricots coupés en deux
1 gros citron coupé en tranches
2 bouteilles de vin blanc type Tariquet
100ml de sirop de coing
20cl de limonade
Quelques feuilles de basilic

Dans un très large récipient, déposez le vin mélangé au sirop de coing avec les feuilles de basilic, abricots, citron et les pêches.
Réservez au frais quelques heures
Au moment de servir, ajoutez la limonade et transférez dans un joli pichet.
Nota :
Si vous ne possédez pas de sirop de coing, faites chauffez 150-200g de pate de coing avec un peu d’eau dans une casserole et transvasez une fois liquéfié et refroidit, 100ml dans votre récipient.

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