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Thursday, 4 May 2017

PINEAPPLE CHICKEN (Poulet aux ananas)

(Poulet aux ananas)

Between you and I, this dish could be named "Thank God, I know what I am going to cook tonight!!!", especially when the children are terribly hunnnnnnnngry! Easy, balanced and delicious, this recipe has everything for itself. I had some leftovers two weeks ago, when my daughter's best friend stayed for supper with us. I reheated one plate for her and she though that it came from a good Chinese takeaway!!! It says it all!!! ;)

Wine pairing : Beaujolais (White) from Beaujolais.

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge
Chicken breast
Fresh ginger

In your cupboard
Corn flour
Pineapple tin
Tomato paste
Soya sauce
Basmati rice
Olive oil

Serves 4

400g 14,10 oz of chicken breast diced
5 tbsp of corn flour
1 pepper chopped
1 pineapple tin + the juice
2 tbsp of tomato paste
3 tbsp of soya sauce
2cm of grated fresh ginger
Olive oil for the pan
350g 12,34 oz of basmati rice

Cover the chicken with corn flour.
In a pan, cook the chicken with a little bit of olive oil.
Add the pepper, ginger, tomato and soya sauce. Cook 5 minutes.
Meanwhile, bring water to the boil for the rice. Cook the rice for 10 minutes.
In the pan, add the pineapple with the juice and combine well.
Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
Serve with the rice.

Poulet aux ananas

Pour 4 personnes
400g de blancs de poulet
5 cas de maïzena
1 poivron coupé en morceaux
1 boite d’ananas en sirop + le jus
2 cas de concentré de tomates
3 cas de sauce soja
2 cm de gingembre frais râpé
Huile d’olive pour la poêle
350g de riz basmati

Recouvrez le poulet de maïzena.
Dans une poêle, faites revenir le poulet dans un petit peu d’huile d’olive.
Ajoutez le poivron, gingembre, tomate et sauce soja. Cuire 5 minutes.
Pendant ce temps, faites bouillir de l’eau pour le riz et le cuire 10 minutes.
Rajoutez ensuite l’ananas avec son jus et mélangez bien le tout.
Couvrir et laissez mijoter 10 minutes.
Servir le poulet avec le riz.

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