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Sunday, 12 March 2017



When I am in the South of France, I always take some fresh thyme spring when I am running in the Garrigues. I keep them, dry them (sometimes not...) and use them to cook nearly everything with...
When it's cold, I prepare a thyme infusion and drank it all day long. It's soothing and comforting. You just longed for a cosy plaid in front of a log fire... Heaven...

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your cupboard
Fresh thyme
Agave syrup

Serves 1

A few sprigs of fresh thyme 
Hot water 
1 generous tbsp. of agave syrup

Place the thyme in a cup.
Fill with hot water.
Leave the thyme for 2 minutes. Discard it.
Add the agave. Stir well. Enjoy.

Infusion de thym

Pour 1 personne 
Quelques branches de thym
Eau chaude
1 généreuse cas de sirop d'agave

Placez le thym dans une tasse.
La remplir d’eau chaude.
Laissez le thym infuser 2 minutes puis le jeter.
Ajoutez le sirop d'agave. Bien remuer et dégustez !

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