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Monday, 27 February 2017



This cake, at each bite, is a part of France in itself . Bake it for tea and you will understand what I mean...
In the French mind the emphasis of the pound was too much and thought that the unit quart was more equal in portion. In tradition, the popular cake of the French region of Brittany, as its name implies, uses the same quantity of the four ingredients but with no added fruit of any kind. (Wikipedia)
Pound cake refers to a type of cake traditionally made with a pound of each of four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs and sugar. In France, the pound cake is well-known and takes up in recipes for quarts instead of pounds. Since the French have not used the unit pounds since the 1780s, they only use quarts. Hence the name of the pound cake "quatre-quart", which means four-fourths.

Wine pairing : Pineau-des-Charentes (White) from Charente.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge

In your cupboard 
Vanilla clove
Baking powder

Serves 6

4 eggs (weight them)
Sugar (use the same weight as the eggs)
Butter (use the same weight as the eggs)
Flour sifted (use the same weight as the eggs)
11g 0,39 oz of baking powder
1 vanilla clove

Pre-heat your oven to 180°.
Melt the butter using your MW.
Whisk the eggs. Add the flour with the baking powder and the melted butter.
Combine well. Add the sugar and the vanilla. Mix thoroughly.
Line a loaf tin with baking paper.
Pour in the preparation.

Bake for 40 minutes.

Quatre-quart Breton

Pour 6 personnes
4 œufs  
Sucre (le même poids que les 4 œufs)
Beurre (le même poids que les 4 œufs)
Farine tamisée (le même poids que les 4 œufs)
1 sachet de levure
1 gousse de vanille

Préchauffez votre four à 180°C.
Faire fondre le beurre. (MO pour moi).
Battre les œufs puis ajoutez la farine, la levure, le sucre, la vanille et le beurre fondu.
Bien mélanger le tout.
Mettre la préparation dans un moule à cake préalablement beurré et fariné.
Enfournez pour 40 minutes.

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