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Wednesday, 26 October 2016



Each time I go skiing in Austria, I asked for a rösti. They served it with lots of cheese from the Arlberg area and it is a feast, especially after one full day on the slopes! The first food my children asked when we come back is a...rösti ! Very easy to do, I accompany it with a fried egg which explain the name I have given to it. A reference to the croque-Madame, a croque-Monsieur but with a fried egg on top! A favorite with the children, needless to say...

Wine pairing : Entre-deux-mers (White) from Bordeaux.

A quick glance in your kitchen…

In your fridge

In your cupboard
Finest potatoes

Serves 3 

500g 17,63 oz of peeled potatoes  
3 eggs
2 shallots finely chopped 
Butter for the pan

Grate the potatoes on large holes of a box grater or using a food processor.
In a bowl, toss together the potatoes with the shallots.
Shape into small pancakes. You will have 3 röstis.
Fry each rösti in a pan with a little bit of butter for around 15 minutes, turning several times and adding more butter as necessary until golden.
Set aside.
Fry each egg in the pan.
Put the fried egg on top of each rösti.
Serve with a salad.

Rösti madame

Pour 3 personnes  
500g de pommes de terre épluchées
3 œufs
2 échalotes finement émincées
Beurre pour la poêle
Salade verte

Râpez les pommes de terre puis mélangez-les avec les échalotes.
Formez 3 röstis.
Les frire dans une poêle avec le beurre pendant 1 quinzaine de minutes environ en ajoutant du beurre si nécessaire. Réservez.
Frire les 3 œufs à la poêle puis les poser sur les röstis.
Dégustez avec une salade verte.

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