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Friday, 7 October 2016



My nounou used to bake this marvel quite a lot. As long as I remember, when little, I thought that dry Agen prunes (from my area in Lot actually), had been dried on purpose for this dish only... 
Normally, the prunes are soaked in rum but my nounou was not keen on it. She had a very good artisan Calvados homemade by her friends near Le Mans, so it explained why she used it in the recipe... As usual, it is very easy to realize. Omit the Calvados if you prefer (and put some rum...),but it really gives the dough a delicate flavor. It will rise a lot, no worries.
Originally a kind of porridge, the Far Breton from Brittany in France, was designed in the 18th century for religious festival. At that time, prunes were not necessarily present too.

Wine pairing : Crémant de Bourgogne rosé (Sparkling rosé) from Burgundy.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge 
Crème fraîche

In your cupboard
Agen prunes
Calvados (or brown rum)
Vanilla Clove
Brown caster sugar

Serves 6

250g 8,81 oz of stoned dry prunes (Agen prunes for me)
4 tbsp of Calvados or brown rum
250ml 8,7 oz of crème fraîche
6 eggs
200g 7,05 oz of flour sifted
1 vanilla clove 
500ml 8,81 oz of milk
110g 3,88 oz of brown caster sugar
50g 1,7 oz of salted butter

Preheat your oven at 180° C.
Butter a rectangular tin.
In a little bowl, heat the milk using your micro-waves (2mn at 360).
Add the vanilla clove and the Calvados to the boiled milk. Stir.
Meanwhile, take a second bowl and beat the eggs with the sugar, flour and crème .
Incorporate the vanilla mixture to the second bowl.
Dispose the prunes in the buttered tin.
Pour the preparation in.
Bake for 45 minutes.

Far Breton

Pour 6 personnes 
225g de pruneaux d’Agen
4 CAS de Calvados ou de rhum brun
250ml de crème fraîche
6 œufs
200g de farine tamisée
500ml de lait
110g de sucre en poudre brun
50g de beurre salé pour le moule

Préchauffez votre four à  180° C.
Beurrez un moule rectangulaire.
Réchauffez le lait au micro-ondes  (2mn à 360).
Transvasez-le dans un bol et ajoutez-y la vanille et le Calvados. Mélangez.
Prenez un second bol et battez les œufs avec le sucre, la farine et la crème.
Incorporez la premier bol au second et mélangez bien.
Disposez les pruneaux dans le moule beurré.
Versez l’appareil par-dessus.
Enfournez pour 45 minutes.

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