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Sunday, 17 April 2016

BASIL AND COCONUT MOJITO (Mojito noix de coco et basilic)

(Mojito coco et basilic)

When I go to the beach in France with my friends, I follow the same ritual, the same treatment ? 
I have a Mojito. On the beach. Only. 
The Mojito goes so well with the relaxing back and forth motion of the waves don't you think so? 
I do. Definitely.
At my favorite beach restaurant in the south of France, the Mojito exits in a multitude of version : blackcurrant, strawberry, cinnamon, lavender...
Obviously, I had to do my own. Sure you will adore it. Try to find cane syrup (in any large supermarkets). It is so much better than caster sugar... Drink Aware !!

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A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Basil leaves
Coconut water

In your cupboard
Cane syrup

In your freezer
Crushed ice

Serves 1 

5cl of rum
1 little lime cut into wedges
2cl of cane syrup (or 1tsp of brown caster sugar)
2 generous tbsp of crushed ice
A little handful of fresh basil leaves
10cl of coconut water

Place the lime and basil leaves in a large glass.
Gently "mash" with a fork : you have to bruise the leaves (do not cut them) and release the lime juice...
Add the crushed ice and pour over the rum and the cane syrup.
Finish with the coconut water.
Stir briefly.
Voila !

Mojito noix de coco et basilic

Pour 1 personne
2cl de sirop de canne à sucre
1 petit citron vert coupé en quartiers
10cl d’eau de coco
1 petite poignée de feuilles de basilic
5cl de rhum
2 généreuses c- à-soupe de glace pilée

Placez le citron vert et les feuilles de basilic dans un grand verre.
Ecrasez-les  gentiment (sans les couper) avec une fourchette.
Ajoutez la glace et versez le rhum avec le sirop.
Finir avec l’eau de coco.
Bien mélanger et servir !

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