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Wednesday, 10 February 2016



Since I have found this marvelous market at Bute street in South Kensington (a friend of a friend who is a fisherman, sells his fishery catch from Dorset just the day after here...), I make enormous fish feast during the week-end! And without any doubt, my friends are very happy when invited... I wanted to realize a dish with the amazing gorgeous crab I just bought but without cooking it : what a shame to have a crab so fresh and wish to cook it don't you think so?
I have eaten in the South of France, a lovely crab tiramisu, so it was a nice challenge to try to recreate it (in a very easy-peasy way of course...), for my friends. So yummy, I will do it as a snack for myself only...

Wine pairing : Saint-Véran (White) from Burgundy.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Philadelphia cheese
Fresh crab meat
Pink grapefruit
Crème fraîche 

In your cupboard
Sliced brioche loaf

Serves 4

70g of Philadelphia  
250g of fresh crab meat
1 large pink grapefruit peeled in supreme
4 slices of sliced brioche loaf
10cl of crème fraîche
A little bit of chive finely chopped

Mix the crab meat with the diced grapefruit.
In a bowl, combine the Philadelphia with the chive and crème fraîche.
With a cookie cutter, cut the sliced brioche loaf in 8 discs the size of your verrines.
Place 1 disc in the bottom of each verrine.
Cover with the crab mixture and the Philadelphia.
Place a second disc in each verrine.
Repeat with the crab and Philadelphia mixture.
Refrigerate until serving.

Tiramisu au crabe

Pour 4 personnes
70 g de Philadelphia  
250 g de de crabe frais  
1 large pamplemousse rose coupée en suprême
4 tranches de pain brioché 
10 cl de crème fraîche
Un peu de ciboulette finement coupée

Mélangez les miettes de crabe avec le pamplemousse.
Pendant ce temps, dans un bol mélangez le Philadelphia et la ciboulette à la crème fraîche.
Coupez, le pain brioché en 8 disques de la dimension de vos verrines.
Déposez dans le fond des 4 verrines un disque de pain.
Recouvrez du mélange crabe- pamplemousse puis de la mixture Philadelphia.
Remettre un disque de pain et recommencez l’opération une fois.
Réservez au frais jusqu’au moment de servir.

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