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Friday, 29 January 2016



This recipe is from my Austrian part. My late grand-mother came from an Austrian town near the Slovenian border, in Carinthia. Each time I go back to Austria, I feel extraordinary at home, it's a little bit weird sometimes, the genes certainly ;). Anyhow, this dish is my children favorite when we are skiing in Austria so obviously, I had to replicate it at home, so here you are...  We use a lot of Butterschmalz (which is a clarified butter) in German and Austrian cooking. You can use ghee instead...

Wine pairing : Pinot noir (Red) from Alsace.

Gluten-free version
Use “Hale and Hearty” gluten-free breadcrumbs and use corn flour instead of flour. 
Follow the original recipe and enjoy! 

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Lamb lettuce

In your cupboard 
Breadcrumbs Panko

Serves 2
2 very thin veal fillets 
1 plate with 1 beaten egg 
1 plate with flour 
1 plate with a very good breadcrumbs (I use Panko) 
70g of butter or butterschmalz 
1 little lemon
Lamb lettuce
1 shallot

Season the fillets with pepper.
Dip 1 fillet in flour to coat then dip in egg and finish with breadcrumbs.
Repeat for the second fillet.
Heat a pan with butter (never ever oil for schnitzel!!).
Cook the fillets 3 minutes each side ONLY.
Meanwhile, prepare the salad with the shallot, olive oil, mustard and balsamic vinegar.
Drizzle the fillets with lemon juice and serve with the salad.
Dressing ideas : HERE 

Wiener Schitzel

Pour 2 personnes
2 escalopes de veau très fines

1 assiette avec 1 œuf battu

1 assiette avec de la farine

1 assiette avec de la chapelure (Panko pour moi)

70g de beurre clarifié ou ghee

1 citron
Salade mâche
1 échalote émincée

Poivrez les escalopes des deux côtés.
Passez les escalopes d’abord dans la farine, puis dans l’œuf et ensuite dans la chapelure.
Réchauffez le beurre clarifié dans une poêle.
Faites revenir les escalopes 3 minutes de chaque côté.
Pendant ce temps, préparez la salade avec l’échalote.
Servir les escalopes avec un filet de citron et la salade.
Choix des vinaigrettes : ICI  

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