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Friday, 22 January 2016



Frozen vegetables packs are so handy. You can accommodate them with practically anything! But with children it is often a no-no. I have created some galettes because I noticed that children liked the toasted and nutty particular taste of the sesame oil. Believe me, when the vegetables will be disguised in galettes shapes wrapped with the beautiful aroma of the sesame, they will ask you for some more... Paired with lemony sardines (in can, you may use the French Connetable brand which is so delicious especially with children...), you will have a meal ready and balanced in no time...

Wine pairing : Côtes de Provence (Rosé) from Provence.

This vegetables galettes recipe is gluten-free if you use cornflour instead of regular flour!

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge

In your cupboard
Sesame oil
Lemon Sardines in can

In your freezer
Vegetables mix

Around 10 galettes

1 chopped shallot
Sesame oil
400g of frozen vegetables mix (broccoli, spinach, petits-pois...)
1 big egg
2 generous tbsp of flour
Lemon Sardines in can

Defrost the vegetables with your MW (2mm @ 800).
In a bowl, mix the egg with the flour then add the shallot and vegetables.
Combine well.
Shape little galettes in the pan and cook them in a little bit of sesame oil for 2-3 minutes each side.
Serve with the sardines for example.

Galettes de legumes

Pour 10 galettes environ
1 échalote hachée
Huile de sésame
400g de légumes surgelés en morceaux (brocoli, épinards, petits-pois…)
1 gros œuf
2 généreuses c-à-soupe de farine
Sardines au citron en boite.

Décongelez les légumes au MO (2mm @ 800).
Dans un bol, mixtionner l’œuf avec la farine puis incorporez les légumes et l’échalote.
Bien mélanger.
Façonnez des petites galettes dans la poêle et faites-les revenir dans l’huile de sésame.
Les cuire 2-3 minutes de chaque côté.
Dégustez avec les sardines par exemple.

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