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Sunday, 31 January 2016



I always have Champagne in my cupboard and Crémant de Loire or d'Alsace in my fridge. I drink Champagne with nothing else. In France, we do not tend to make a Kir Royale with Champagne. When you have a perfect bottle of Champagne ( Ruinart or Crystal), why on earth would you ruined it with a syrupy fruit liqueur? Be careful though. I DO LIKE Kir Royal but I use a "Crémant" instead, very fruity and bubbly. To change from the syrupy fruit liqueur, I put one day a cinnamon stick and it was very subtle and tasty. You can find Crémant de Loire nearly anywhere now or try your wine merchant. If you really cannot find a Crémant go for any Prosecco then...
Enjoy with moderation of course...

Amuse-bouches idea : click here 

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Crémant de Loire

In your cupboard 
Cinnamon stick
Ground cinnamon 

Serves 1

Crémant de Loire
1 cinnamon stick
Ground cinnamon 

Place 1 stick and a tiny pinch of ground cinnamon in the bottom of a flûte or a glass.
Fill with Crémant.
Combine delicately.
Best served chilled!

Cocktail à la cannelle

Pour 1 personne  
Crémant de Loire
1 stick de cannelle
Cannelle en poudre

Placez le stick ainsi qu’une petite pointe de cannelle en poudre dans une flûte.
Complétez avec le Crémant.
Mélangez délicatement.
Servez bien frais !

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