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Monday, 12 October 2015

SALTED CARAMEL COULANTS CUPCAKE (Mi-cuits au caramel beurre salé)

(Mi-cuits au caramel beurre salé )

You have been so many (hundreds to be precise), to look at my homemade salted caramel (Salidou), that I have decided to incorporate it to yummy cupcakes. I am not very used to cupcakes actually but living in London, I have discovered that cakes in general where eaten in a muffin or cupcake shapes.  
So here you are. For this recipe, I took my inspiration from my friend Anne's chocolate coulant to die for. So these cupcakes are going to be coulants for sure and I hope to die for too!
For the caramel Salidou, it is obviously better to realize yours (recipe here). If you cannot, buy the "confiture de lait" from the Bonne Maman brand. 

Wine pairing : Pineau des Charentes (White) from Charente.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Crème fraîche  

In your cupboard
Salted caramel
Caster sugar

4 cupcakes

3 eggs 
60g 2,11 oz of flour sifted
50g 1,7 oz of butter 
2 tbsp of crème fraiche 
160g 5,64 oz of salted caramel (home made for me, recipe at the top of this page) 
40g 1,41 oz of caster sugar

Pre-heat your oven to 200°.
In a saucepan, warm the caramel over a low heat.
Add the crème and the butter. Combine well.
Meanwhile, mix the eggs together with the flour and sugar.
Add this mixture to the caramel preparation. Mix thoroughly.
Buttered 4 cupcakes moulds and pour in the preparation.
Cook for 6 MINUTES ONLY.
Leave them to set a few minutes before enjoying …

Mi-cuits au caramel beurre salé  

Pour 4 cupcakes
3 œufs
60g de farine tamisée
50g de beurre
2 cas de crème fraiche
160g de caramel Salidou (recette en début de page)
40g de sucre en poudre

Préchauffez votre four à 200°.
Dans une casserole, réchauffez le caramel gentiment sur feux doux.
Ajoutez la crème et le beurre. Mélangez bien.
Pendant ce temps, combinez les œufs avec le sucre et la farine dans un récipient.
Incorporez la sauce caramel à cette préparation. Bien mixer.
Beurrez 4 moules à cupcakes et y déposer la pâte.
Enfournez pour 6 minutes seulement.
Attendre quelques minutes avant de les dévorer !

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