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Saturday, 29 August 2015

STRAWBERRY AND ROSEMARY FONTAINEBLEAU (Fontainebleau aux fraises et romarin)

(Fontainebleau aux fraises et romarin)

As a Bellifontaine (my hometown is Fontainebleau), THE Fontainebleau cheese delicacy is obviously MY Proust's madeleine. This cheese dessert made of faiselle (kind of cottage cheese) and whipped cream is definitely "la crème de la crème" in the French repertoire. This ethereal "cloud" always served in a delicate muslin appeared in the 18 century in....Fontainebleau. The first time I realized a whipped cream was to create my own Fontainebleau. This is my version. I added the rosemary because I saw it served like that. Do not hesitate to buy Plougastel strawberries if you can (they came from Brittany). And if by any chance you are lucky to go to my beautiful hometown, try the divine dessert there, it will be heaven in your mouth (and nothing else...). 

Wine pairing : Sainte-Croix du Mont (Sweet white) from Bordeaux.

A quick glance in your kitchen...

In your fridge
Faiselle cheese
Double cream

In your cupboard
Icing sugar

Serves 4
400g of strawberries (cut in half)
300g of faiselle cheese
50g of icing sugar
20cl of double cream

Drained the faiselle in a collander (or a muslin) for 1 hour in the fridge.
Dispose the bowl for the whipped cream in the freezer for 30 mn and the double cream 10 mn as well in the freezer. (It will help to have a firm and light whipped cream).
When ready, whip the double cream with the icing sugar until stiff and fold it delicately with the drained faiselle.
Garnish some verrines (or any cute glasses) with the faiselle foam and pieces of strawberries.
Drizzle with rosemary.

Fontainebleau aux fraises et romarin

Pour 4 personnes
400g de fraises de Plougastel (si possible)
300g de faiselle
50g de sucre glace
20cl de crème liquide 

Egoutter la faiselle dans une mousseline (ou un torchon fin) pendant 1 heure au réfrigérateur .
Placer un large bol dans le congélateur pendant 30 mn ainsi que la crème pendant10 mn dans le congélateur également .
Lorsque c'est prêt, monter la crème bien froide en chantilly (dans le bol préalablement disposé dans le congélateur ) avec le sucre glace.
Mélanger délicatement cette chantilly avec la faiselle égouttée.
Dans de jolies verrines, disposer le Fontainebleau avec les fraises.
Parsemer de romarin.
Régalez-vous !

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