"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" LdV

Tuesday, 17 February 2015



It started with a simple sentence.
Not a naughty one, but a sentence or maybe a remark ?
We have a long tradition of receiving for lovely (and sometimes sumptuous) repast in the family.
So it's natural for me to receive my friends over for dinner, lunch, cocktails, buffet, etc...
And one day, this sentence...
Which would completely changed my way of cooking...

"Ah, it's funny, you did the same recipe last time we came Sixtine ?"
I did...
I did this "joker" recipe.
You know, the kind of recipe which is in your comfort zone....
The recipe you are sure to pleased everyone with...
Alea jacta est :
My friends could saw me twice in the same outfit (rarely though...),
They would never ever ate twice the same recipe at my table !!!!

So I started to list, to cover notebooks,
To list absolutely every recipe : Who, Which, Where, When...
Becoming a mother increased my addiction :
The meals my children preferred,
The vegetables and fruits in season,
The diversification, etc, etc.

I soon became a cooking knight who had to face my children feeds, the last-minute cocktail for business, the dinner for friends coming to London, the buffet to prepare when back to France for holiday...
Those multitasking functions in cooking naturally led me to formatted my recipes to be uncomplicated, easy, chic and painless-free !!
From time to time, my collection of notebooks attained an alarming number,
I had to do something with those...
A blog was the natural answer then...

A flexitarian blog where you will find :
- Sandwiches on the go
- Quick balanced meals,
- Cocktails,
- Amuse-bouche,
- Desserts,
- Comforting soups and potages,
- Healthy smoothies,
- Gorgeous composed salads,
- Coffee to die for,
- Weekly plannings for busy parents,
- Buffet to entertained small crowds,
- Sunday blues supper,
- Yummy hot beverages, 
- etc...

And because aviation is my passion and my aircraft never too far from me, you will travel through my dishes to the four corners of my beloved home country, France, as well as worldwide in a dash !!

Oups, the tower just let me know that there is an available slot for me...
So this blog is cleared for takeoff right now...
I would be delighted to have you as my passengers...
Ready ?

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